Sterling Silvers And Fashion Metals

Silver and silver/brass alloys are more popular than ever. These metals will cast into all the most fashionable shapes at affordable price points. The Brass and Bronze alloys have been cast for centuries. These materials can be set with stones and given interesting finishes. Some of these metals will patina to a designers delight.

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There are strict rules about metals like lead that are commonly found in inexpensive recycled brass, bronzes and the like. What we do is take the same very pure base metals that go into karat gold and use them to make the very best possible non precious brasses and bronzes. When you need that great casting performance and full compliance with the strictest lead/mercury/nickel regulations call us.

Some Items Are Not In Our Online Store

For those items not in the online store, please call email or fax us. We stand ready to help.

Metal Components Temp Color
Legacy Sterling Silver 92.5% Silver, Copper 1640 F Very White
Deox Sterling Silver 92.5% Silver, Deox Alloy 1690 F Very White
Brass Copper/ Zinc 1950 F Bright Yellow
Bronze Copper/ Manganese/ Zinc 1650 F Dark Yellow
KWFashion White 12% Silver, Copper & Nickel 2050 F Very White
Rose 5% Silver, Copper 1980 F Light Red