Silver Repair Solders

Platinum repair solders for every flow point as a necessity in the repair business. These time tested formulas incorporate several precious metals including platinum and palladium to have the strength and flow you can always depend on.

Always were proper safety glasses when using these solders.

Due to complex formulas, pricing information is best had from our office. You can call or email us for an exact quote.

We guarantee to do right by you. Thirty-five years and still going strong, the proof is in the metals. Every product is guaranteed to work as specified. If you are still unsatisfied with your purchase, a generous exchange and return policy assures your satisfaction. Hand in glove communications also ensure that you get the highest quality materials that will leave you, your shop, and your customers happy. Along with that, technical and regulatory support is free of cost. Essentially, your prosperity and peace of mind are our highest priorities.

All precious metals used in our products are either refined in house or responsibly sourced. In fact, we pioneered “same molecule” recycled gold – an integral part of the origin story for current gold sustainability standards.


AG-XE 1300
 AG-E 1325
 AG-M 1390
 AG-H 1475

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