Here at PM West, we guarantee to do right by you. Thirty-five years and still going strong, the proof is in the metals. Every product is guaranteed to work as specified. If you are still unsatisfied with your purchase, a generous exchange and return policy assures your satisfaction. Hand in glove communications also ensure that you get the highest quality materials that will leave you, your shop, and your customers happy. Along with that, technical and regulatory support is free of cost. Essentially, your prosperity and peace of mind are our highest priorities.


All precious metals used in our products are either refined in house or responsibly sourced. In fact, we pioneered “same molecule” recycled gold – an integral part of the origin story for current gold sustainability standards.

All alloys, laser welding wires, grains, and solder are made here in California, strictly to stringent regulations. Transparent first party verification of our processes is available to customers and industry professionals for the purposes of building long-lasting, trusted relationships.

Casting Grains

Master Alloys for Gold

Plumb Platinum Solders

Laser Welding Wire

Our Environmental, Ethical and Regulation Commitments

Sourcing, sustainability, compliance and recycling of precious metals.

PMWest/Keith Weinstein Inc., is in in full compliance with Dodd-Frank and Patriot Act provisions. We have a policy of refining only American domestic precious metals as used by the jewelry industry. We do not refine or process gold from off shore nations or regions.

We do not refine for any mines and do not process from ores in any form. Our gold refining starts with material sourced from the jewelry manufacturing industry/dental casting, Scrap from worn out or broken jewelry, from bench or factory work such as casting stamping or fabricating jewelry.

That results in a silver and gold output of post-consumer material, wholly removed from off shore sourcing. Those metals make up our products for sale such as alloys for making gold, solders in gold and silver, and casting or fabricating materials for use in making new jewelry.

On those occasions where we turn to the 24kt market for additional gold we source through certified recycled sources or LBMA good delivery list.