Gold Repair Solders

We have developed the highest quality gold solders ever. All of our solders are cadmium free. Always have been.

We use a variety of elements along with our post consumer “green” sustainable gold to assure proper flow temperatures and seamless or near seamless quality; tin, silver, indium, and gallium to name a few. The solders marked EE are Extreme easy flow solders. These patented solders are the lowest flow of their kind on the market.

Most of the white gold solders contain nickel for color. Palladium is available. Any of these solders can be produced in other forms such as wire, although some minimum orders apply.

Please note all prices are estimates per penneyweight aka dwt. There are 20 dwt to the Troy ounce and convert to grams at 1.55gm per dwt. The above pricing reflects credit card payment. Discounts do apply for immediate payment via wire transfer or check.

Solder Type
Temp F.
14YEE 1270
14YXE 1295
14YE 1325
14YM 1380
14YH 1470
14WEE 1290
14WXE 1320
14WE 1380
14WM 1440
14WH 1570
18YEE 1295
18YXE 1320
18YE 1425
18YM 1495
18YH 1535
18WEE 1425
18WE 1465
18WM 1495
18WH 1590
20WW 1610
Solder Type
Temp F.
6YE 1345
6WE 1390
8YE 1350
8YH 1420
10YXE 1310
10YE 1340
10YM 1395
10YH 1475
10WE 1365
10WM 1425
10WH 1550

We stand ready to take your order, provide support, whatever you need.