Plumb Platinum Solders

These solders are unique. The very first and so far only plumb platinum solders, despite gold having been made into plumb quality for many decades. The metals we use bring flow points that are very useful and safe, while keeping near perfect color and amazing strength. this solder is an upgrade from everything else available.

Plumb solder works well on all common platinum alloys. That includes Iridium, ruthenium, palladium, cobalt and copper. We also point out that all high temp solders have a potential problem with some platinum alloys-Simply based on the relatively low melt temperature.    A common frustration with repair platinum solder is the tendency to polish out and leave a seam.

PT-E   is 90% Pt, and 10% alloy, and flows in the  1300C range-Our easy flow solder. As the name implies this is our easy flow solder that is plumb (same content as the intended jewelry) to all the 90%Pt/10% Ir or Ru or whatever. Its color is closest to 90/10 of course.

PT-M is 92.5% platinum. The way to increase the flow temperature was to increase the platinum. This material flows in the 1400C range. This is our medium flow solder. Its color works with any kind of platinum jewelry, but is only truly plumb to 90/10 jewelry.

PT-H is 95% platinum. The highest flow among the new solders, it flows at 1500C or a bit less. We call it the hard flow solder, despite the fact that its flow temperature is hundreds below the flow of ordinary casting platinum. It is plumb or better to all platinum jewelry.

Please note all prices are estimates per penneyweight aka dwt. There are 20 dwt to the Troy ounce and convert to grams at 1.55gm per dwt. The above pricing reflects credit card payment. Discounts do apply for immediate payment via wire transfer or check.

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