Platinum Casting Grain

We offer premium quality casting platinum. Our best selling mix is 90% platinum & 10% iridium, which is the best overall mix for casting. We also offer 95%Pt/5%Ruthenium grain. The advantage for this mix is you can stamp the jewelry “Pt” rather than Platinum/Iridium. This virgin grain is available at no minimum quantity, and is kept in stock at all times for immediate shipping. To calculate your cost, add 13% to the market price. At this price, you can really encourage your customer to upgrade to fine platinum jewelry.

After you cast and polish, you may need to fabricate or assemble the items. When you need to assemble, be sure to order our cadmium free, top quality platinum solders. Our Platinum solders are made in 8 different flows. Temperatures start at 1000° centigrade (extra easy) up in 100° degree increments to 1700° (Extra Hard). With all these flows, it sure is easier to step assemble, and be a bit more brave on profitable platinum repairs.

When it comes to those re-sizing jobs and real fabrication work, you will need wire and sizing stock. Perhaps even sheet. We make that to order, shipped within 5 days. (95%Pt/5%Ru only) The market does vary, call anytime for a quote.

Platinum Casting With a Torch

Long before induction casting machines were available, platinum was cast just like this. And it still is. The most common platinum alloys are unchanged. 95Pt / 5Ru. And 90Pt/10/Ir. The torch in use here is a hydrogen / oxygen setup. The casting machine is at least 50 years old, about the same age as many of us who learned to cast this way. It’s also still an excellent setup if you have it. Lots of torque for fill, and modern investments have made it routine to cast at very low flask temperatures. Robert Lumabao is doing the casting here for us back in 2011. We have a more modern casting machine too, as seen in our “Pursuit Of Purple Gold” documentary. But this old school wat is so much more beautiful to watch right?


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