Welcome to our web pages. Within each precious metal as linked above is a drop down list of our products in that material. Once you are in a page just click on the item and order. We receive your order via the system and email, and will contact you about shipping and terms. We do not ask you to pay at time of order. we have very strong security in place both by way of handling payment separately through the Square CC service or via terms such as R.O.G. or net days due terms.

Our products available for order on any device from your office computer to your tablet or smart phone. Where you see a price, it is tied to the market price aa shown on the front page. It is an approximate number calculated to be correct for credit card payment and standard quantities.

Please let me know how this goes for you. If we missed something, let me know. We will see to it. Over the coming months this portal will expand to most if not quite all of the products we make. Updated 8/1/17. Contact me personally about your experience here on our page.