MJSA Members, Welcome To Precious Metals West

Ever Used Plumb Platinum Solder?

In Platinum we literally invented the worlds first 90% Pt and higher solders. No longer must you use solders called “1400” or “1500” that contain very little platinum, if any at all. Ours are 90%, 92.5%, and 95% pure platinum content; yet they flow at about 1350, 1450 and 1550 C… best possible color matching AND the most strength, at the same time. Our patented plumb solder alloy can make pt as hard as mild steel.

Use The Best – Plumb Solders

You will do your best work ever with our patented plumb solders. In gold, we call them by karat color and flow. “Fourteen Karat Yellow Extreme Easy”. Almost sounds like a Chicago hot dog joint. The flow of these is called “Extreme easy” flow solders. Goldsmiths no longer need to go to a lower karat solder for delicate work like thin walls or galleries. Plumb solders that match the gold are always better for quality work. Never a dark or dull line; no tiny holes from overheating.


We Share The MJSA Mission

PMWest has worked hand in glove with and in support of MJSA for decades. Kraftwerks, various taskforces, even a technology show in our backyard way back when. Because they work hard for you and us here in California. Today we have this special section for MJSA members, and will sometimes use this space to offer specials and upgrades as we can. We both work with MJSA, that also means we should be working together on your metals and services. Please allow us to help you put the best shine and quality in your work with our hand crafted products.

Questions? Just call 800-999-7528 or email cw@pmwest.us.