Master Alloys For Gold

Master Alloys from Precious Metals West/Fine Gold

Made in California

New technologies from CAD to casting machines have changed all of our expectations. You need alloys designed to work in your shop in your market. Every year brings improvements to our products. We use the best copper, silver and other metals on the market.  Always tested and certified by our suppliers.

Our equipment was exclusively designed to make master alloys for gold. After controlled smelting and mixing, all our alloys are tumble finished & screened to ensure the lowest oxides and the most consistent results.  Our sheer variety is impressive; we only publish a fraction of the options to keep it simple online.

All alloys are sold by the Troy ounce or Toz. Full technical data is available to our customers. A summary is made available below for general use.

If you happen to be fabricating, stamping or forming your gold, all our casting alloys are available in a fabrication friendly variant. In the unlikely event you need something different, or have your own preferred formula we do that too.

Here at PM West, we guarantee to do right by you. Thirty-five years and still going strong, the proof is in the metals. Every product is guaranteed to work as specified. If you are still unsatisfied with your purchase, a generous exchange and return policy assures your satisfaction. Hand in glove communications also ensure that you get the highest quality materials that will leave you, your shop, and your customers happy. Along with that, technical and regulatory support is free of cost. Essentially, your prosperity and peace of mind are our highest priorities.

All precious metals used in our products are either refined in house or responsibly sourced. In fact, we pioneered “same molecule” recycled gold – an integral part of the origin story for current gold sustainability standards.

If anything you see is at all confusing or you just want someone to ask for recommendations we are here to help.

Master Alloys

Alloy # Suggested Karat Color Details
 #34 10k, 14k  Light Yellow
 #32 10k, 14k  Dark Yellow
 #21CE 10k, 14k  Medium Yellow
 #711 10k, 14k  Light Yellow
 #1 10k, 14k  Medium Yellow
 #303 10k, 14k  Light Yellow
 #152 10k, 14k  Medium Yellow
 #67D 18k  Light Yellow
 #751 18k  Very Light Yellow
 #75 18k  Dark Yellow
 #007 18k Light Yellow
#3  10k, 14k,18k  White
 #100c.w.  10k, 14k,18k  White
Kristina White  10k, 14k,18k  White
 NRH  14k,18k  Very White
 #40  10k, 14k,18k  White
 #41 10k, 14k  White
 #43  10k, 14k  Medium White
 #51  10k, 14k  Rose
 #52  10k, 14k  Rose
 Soviet Red  18k  Light Rose
 #80e  10k, 14k, 18k  Light Green
 #91  10k, 14k, 18k  Light Green
 #84G  10k, 14k, 18k  Light Green
 SPRING Alloy-MOYA  10k, 14k, 18k  Yellow
 HSPD-501 14k, 18k  White-Pd

All prices above assume  silver market of $20 per troy ounce. Current prices may be lower. There are discounts on a volume basis and for resellers. Please check us out for the fine gold you need.

Any of the above alloys can be purchased blended with gold into the karat you need.

We stand ready to take your order, provide support, whatever you need.