These welding wires are produced in 28 and 30 gauge. Each contains an alloy specifically designed for laser welding. The white gold wire is palladium based and contains no nickel. Custom alloys and sizes are available, some minimums apply. The gold wires are made in yellow, white, and rose gold.


When made by us, laser welding wires are made for the specific purpose. Laser welding is quite different than torch welding or soldering. The heat at the point of beam impact is a lot hotter, albeit in a tiny area. That means some metals boil off and leave a discoloration. All of our laser welding wires are formulated to resist this effect as much as possible. That means less work for you, and happier customers too.

Please note all prices are estimates per penneyweight aka dwt. There are 20 dwt to the Troy ounce and convert to grams at 1.55gm per dwt. The above pricing reflects credit card payment. Discounts do apply for immediate payment via wire transfer or check.

Approximate Dwt. Per Foot
Metals Available 28 Ga 30 Ga
Silver Hard 0.165 0.104
10K Yellow & Rose 0.181 0.154
10K White 0.208 0.131
14K Yellow & Rose 0.204 0.129
14K White 0.234 0.148
18K Yellow & Rose 0.247 0.156
18K White 0.284 0.018
Outcast 950 Pallasium 0.167 0.105
90/10 Platinum 0.341 0.216
95/5 Platinum 0.340 0.215

Spot Prices


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