Understanding our Gold Refining

Some jewelers are making the mistake of casting their gold until badly oxidized and are then forced to recast or repair new finished custom pieces. In general, this is far more expensive than timely refining. Our suggestion is to send your refining in as soon as practical.

We hold all options open to your metals/money mix. When we finish your refining you may sell to us at the Second London Fix (The “PM” Fix), and receive a check drawn on the Bank of America. You have us send your pure 24kt back, or you may use those metals to get the best possible pricing on casting grains of any description, solder, wire or whatever you need. For example, this will save you $20 per Toz on solders or wire. You can even get one of our state of the art casting investments.

If you like, we can keep your metals in a “Toll account” aka insured safe storage for you to use as needed. This lets you draw down your 24k reserve as needed. Selling, receiving 24k or having it used for making casting grain for your use. Call for more details on the program.

We guarantee to do right by you. Thirty-five years and still going strong, the proof is in the metals. Every product is guaranteed to work as specified. If you are still unsatisfied with your purchase, a generous exchange and return policy assures your satisfaction. Hand in glove communications also ensure that you get the highest quality materials that will leave you, your shop, and your customers happy. Along with that, technical and regulatory support is free of cost. Essentially, your prosperity and peace of mind are our highest priorities.

All precious metals used in our products are either refined in house or responsibly sourced. In fact, we pioneered “same molecule” recycled gold – an integral part of the origin story for current gold sustainability standards.

Our charges are simple. When we refine your gold scrap, we will charge 2% of the resulting 24kt. A $200 minimum applies. However, no assay charges, no bar charges. 2% flat rate.

We also offer a service that returns the very same molecules of 24kt back to you from your refining lot. With some special handling you can have 100% post-consumer gold. This will pass any source test or healthy desire to be kind to the environment. Very appealing to young couples with inherited unworn jewelry. For stone recovery, our aqua regia lab allows recovery of stones. We charge 5% of the 24kt with a $200 minimum charge.

Because the processing is enormously complicated to recover mixed gold and platinum, the process incurs a refining charge of 15%, or put another way an 85% recovery, check or metals. Bar and assay charges may apply depending on weight. This is why all refiners suggest keeping platinum family metals as separate as possible from your gold. Contact us for guidance if needed.

The following is a short video we did years ago, illustrating the old school “touchstone” gold test. This predates HD video and portable x-ray assay tools. Thanks to A & A Tools for the kit and location.