Patented Solders-Extreme Low Flow

Our patented plumb & repair grade gold solders enjoy the lowest flow temperatures you can buy. When the work is at it’s most delicate, and the color must remain true, use our patented gold solders. Would you like to try any of these at no charge? Give us a call at 800-999-7528 and just ask. We will immediately put a sample in the mail to you. All our solders are completely free of cadmium, lead, mercury. Only the white gold solders contain nickel. We manufacture all the solders so why not give one a try as soon as your next mail delivery?

Patent number: 7153375-Abstract: Platinum, silver and gold solder compositions for repairing, assembling, or sizing jewelry. Platinum compositions having about 90% to about 95% by weight platinum. Silver compositions having at least 92.5% by weight silver. Gold solder compositions having about 25% to about 91.6% gold. The platinum and silver solder compositions further consisting of about 8.3% to about 75% by weight of an alloy consisting essentially of gallium, indium and copper in respective ratios of 6:3:1. The gold solder compositions further consisting of about 2% to about 14% by weight of an alloy consisting essentially of gallium, indium, and copper in respective ratios of 6:3:1. The melting temperature ranges of the respective solder compositions are from about 1300° C. to about 1500° C. for platinum, from about 1000° F. to about 1400° F. for silver, and from about 1100° F. to about 1550° F.

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