Precious Metals Refining Services

Please Notice-- We can not and do not refine for the public. We are a business to business refiner only!

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Gold, Platinum and Silver have all come to prices higher, faster than many of us expected. Now we see palladium emerging in importance in response to nickel white gold issues and high platinum costs. High market prices have everyone digging deep to clean up and send in for refining. Many are taking advantage of high gold prices to cash out old inventory. others are getting gold and solder back to produce fresh inventory. 

Gone are the days of gold filings languishing in a coffee can awaiting higher market prices. When gold was under $300 a few short years ago many accumulated large amounts of filing or scrap gold. 

The entrepreneurial jeweler must carefully examine the metals and money strategy then balance the inventory carefully. Some are making the mistake of casting their buttons to death and are forced to remake or repair finished custom pieces. 

Our suggestion is to send your refining in as soon as practical, and ignore the market prices. If the market price is not to your liking simply tell us to return your pure metals to you. We do this at no extra charge, apart from insuring the shipment and shipping charges. Many of our competitors actually charge you a premium to receive your own refined metals that you have paid to have processed! We would never do that here at PMWest, the small jewelers best friend. We hold all options open to your metals/money mix. 

Our Refining Result Policies

For scrap to 24kt-We charge a simple honest 2.5% of your 24kt, (giving a mutual interest in a high result) for clean & bench filings, with a small $100.00 minimum charge.  For scrap to money, we charge 3.5%, or a 96.5% return.

For Platinum, we charge $100 for an assay and we then pay 85% of the result of that assay. 

For Silver we pay 85% of the assayed result with a $50 minimum charge. Bar charges do apply, typically $50 to $100 to smelt silver scrap into a bar. This varies depending on the amount to be smelted.

If you have a silver or gold lot that containes palladium or other PGM's we can discuss charges. Gold and platinum group metal combined have a refining charge or 15%, or put another way an 85% payout, check or metals.

For stone recovery our aqua reqia dissolve allows recovery of all stones. We charge 5% of the 24kt with a $200 minimum charge. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and topaz all remain un harmed. Pearls and opals do not do so well.

When we finish your refining you may sell to us at the settlement days Second London Fix (The "PM" Fix), and receive a check drawn on the Bank Of America. You may ask us to send your pure metals back, or you may use those metals to get the best possible pricing on casting grains of any description, solder, wire or whatever you need. You can even get one of our state of the art casting investments. If you like we can keep your metals in a "mini toll account" for you to use as needed. Call for more details on the program.

In most cases we buy the metals from our customers on request. Even when the market is volatile.  It is remotely possible that if prices swung beyond reason that we reserve the right to return pure metals from a lot rather than purchase the metals. We will always stay in touch with refining customers on current events in the market, and their options when the lot is finished. The bottom line is you are in charge of your refining result. You keep all the options.


Precious Metals West/Fine Gold performs refining geared to smaller lots. Walk with me through our refining flow chart. Please be patient with the download, these pictures are worth the wait...

First, showing  a typical filings lot being sifted   (not smelted) so it can go straight into the acid to dissolve quickly and completely...Filings sift.jpg (131608 bytes)

Each lot is handled individually in it's own beaker, all the way through to it's own conclusion.

We don't merely smelt/assay/combine lots-(Like our larger refining competitors)

acid.jpg (33810 bytes)


During  the dissolve, filtering, and precipitation stages Robert Lumabao (not pictured here)  tends to the chemistry by hand. Years of experience at the fingertips...IMG_7959.JPG (1811409 bytes)

Through the dissolvingIMG_7957.JPG (64280 bytes)

IMG_7958.JPG (68093 bytes)

IMG_7966.JPG (58031 bytes)

After the precipitation your gold is in "sponge"...IMG_7961.JPG (45469 bytes)

IMG_7975.JPG (720236 bytes)

IMG_7978.JPG (898967 bytes)

sponge.jpg (91587 bytes)

The sponge is hydrogen torch melted into our water barrel...Spongemelt.jpg (58081 bytes)

And after the pour your 24Kt gold will look like this...wpe85539.gif (584641 bytes)



We charge a honest 2.5% of your 24kt, (giving a mutual interest in a high result) for clean & bench filings, with a small $100.00 minimum charge. 

If you need any of our products, we apply the "prepaid" discount to offer unbeatable pricing. Casting grain, solders, anything we make....

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