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Our casting, rolling and fabricating grains are all made in house and are composed of only the finest and purest of metals. All base metals used in all of our alloys come to us .9999 pure. (We do not use clean scrap base metals in any of our products. i.e. Scrap copper wire) When we pour our alloys, we first take the appropriate formula and mix the gold and the alloy with a Hydrogen Oxygen blend. We pour each melt through flaming Hydrogen (atmosphere) into cold water to form the grain. The product of this brand of pouring is of top quality...whether you end up using it for casting, or pouring bars for fabrication, wire or sheet. The purity of the base metals, coupled with the methods we incorporate...guarantee you the consistency, with less problems overall.

Alabaster White Gold


We have the white look covered as well as any company in the US. We have our Alabaster White Gold, which is a nickel based white gold that will npot require rhodium. It will even fabricate. If nickel is of any concern, we have paladium based white gold that also does not need rhodium plating. Beautiful, casts or fabricates and sets easily.


Custom Casting Grain or Fabricating Grain 

A unique service provided by us for the Designer & Manufacturer

We have all the materials and knowledge to manufacture almost any custom gold you may want. If you already have a formula, we will make as little as 1 Toz, according to your need. Or, if you want us to analyze a sample of a metal you like, that is not a problem. We can then duplicate any color or property you desire. All custom grain is shipped within 24 hours (plus analysis time...if necessary) to avoid hanging you up with costly delays.

Our Pricing Policies...

We sell our casting grain based on the actual cost (spot market or actual trading price updated constantly) for the gold content plus a simple percentage markup. The markup is based on terms of payment and the size of orders. Large orders paid upon delivery gain the lowest margin. 

We do accept checks, provided you sign our personal guarantee, and are listed with the Jewelers Board of Trade.Net 30 accounts on approved credit only, and you must be listed with the Jewelers Board of Trade.Our credit application is enclosed in every catalog we send. You can fax your application to us at 213-689-1654

Our Sterling silver casting/rolling grain is priced at spot market plus $1.00 per Toz. Discounts can apply for large or C.O.D. orders.

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