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PMW Services

Need Casting ?

Every Precious Metal

We specialize in direct CAD model casting, any precious metal. Send us the tough ones. We also offer same day casting.

Expert/Consulting Services

Rely on our expertise when questions or issues arise. Technical consulting and expert testimony is available if needed.


Since 1984 Precious Metals West / Fine Gold has been the custom and manufacturing jewelers’ resource. That’s 30 years that include recessions and boom times and in between times like right now.

Refining is just the start of our skills, products and services. Not only do we make products like casting grain, fabricating grain sheet wire and solders In addition, our research team has made breakthroughs we all enjoy today. Please note we do not process refining for the public, mines, or electronic scrap. We process jewelry and related materials only.

We developed the world’s first ever plumb platinum solders. These are now used all over the world and recognized as the best platinum solders ever. Then we applied that advanced metallurgy to gold solders and created the lowest flowing 14kt solders so jewelers can stay plumb and fix the most delicate items.

We provide expertise to any number of companies. We provide consultations on manufacturing, refining, even certain security considerations. We have provided expert witness services in Federal and State Courts.

With all this, we would remind you we have almost no minimum orders. You can get exactly what you need in exactly the quantity needed in almost all instances. If you need a custom formula, we can do that as an alloy or as blended precious metal. We understand what jewelers need in this era. Our pricing is extremely competitive because we make the products listed.

There is The Kraftwerks Invitational Seminar Series, where we open our shop refinery doors for students and industry people. We demonstrate gold refining, and a selected set of special skills to teach to help you do more or better work in precious metals.

We have not one but two well produced YouTube channels just for your education and to show how to best use our products. Instructional, demonstrations, endless pro tips for all the metals. One channel is Kraftwerks online (educational) and the other is for our commercial products and services.

Call, text or email us with any questions or suggestions you may have. Work with us and we, the innovators will help you work better every day.

Laser Wire

Our welding wires are made special for use in a laser welding machine.


We make all our solders in house, plumb and repair.


Our casting and fabrication grains are all made to the highest standards. Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Silver.

Wire & Sheet

We make wires and sheet in gold, platinum and palladium white gold.